I'm Gracen Ownby

Let's Begin

I modernize classic technologies like SQL and Javascript to eliminate confusion and increase SEO search.

Why should you use Django for your website?

  • With Django we can generate custom HTML templates for every user, loading dynamic data from Python onto frontend. This decreases reliance on Javascript and increases page loading speeds.

  • Django generates SQL databases and provides a default administration to manage the database and make changes. This eliminates the need for SQL developers.

  • The Django Python Web Framework is built using Python. Compiled using CPython and running concurrently on the server; Django runs with the speed of C.


  • University Of Oklahoma

    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
    • Minor in Computer Science

My skills

Linux Administration
Responsive Websites


Earth Tracker App

Django Python Javascript

A Django Python Web Application featuring interactive charts for visualizing public data about Earth's atmosphere.

Earth Data Researcher

Java Javascript

A Java application for researching public data about Earth's atmosphere.

Iris Documents - Document Signing Services

Django Python Javascript

A SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) website built using Django to facilitate electronic document signing services. Used merchant services, email services, as well as workers and cron jobs. Provided unique features such as document templates, a robust user dashboard, and an integrated company dashboard for overviewing documents sent to all clientele.